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About Us Background Search

US Background Search is a professional, online service for finding and investigating people,  businesses, addresses,  phone numbers,  conducting social security number verification in lieu of e-verify, and much more. The service is used by collection agents, consumer credit specialists, financial institutions, government agencies, health and medical offices, real estate and mortgage professionals., Mobil Marketing professionals, investigators, plus many other businesses and professionals.

US Background Search clients use the service to verify information on their customers, and trace current contact information for hard-to-find people for debt collection. Many consumers are also using the service to find missing relatives, friends, help recover debts, and conduct property searches.

People Finder

We offer one of the most comprehensive people search solutions for both individual users, professionals, business and landlords available on the Internet. US Background Search has access to multiple databases which contains PO Box addresses, as well as the listed addresses with unlisted phone numbers dating back 30 years. We have access to over 2 billion Public Records from real property records, marriage and divorce records, death records, address history, credit bureau records, SS number records, utility bill records, DMV records, relative searches, employment records, skip tracing and much much more.

Professionals in financial service, collections, insurance and other industries may request and once verified will be granted access to additional regulated data sources not available for general public. Access to better data can significantly increase the success rate of skip tracing, fraud prevention and help make better decisions in hiring and tenant screenings. Restricted data contains non-public personal information regulated by Federal and State privacy acts (FCRA, GLA, DPPA, etc.) and has limited permissible use.

Company Finder

Company Finder is a flexible tool to search over 300 million business records in the US. That is why US Background Search is the only company you need for your background search needs. Give us a try and judge for yourself.