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The Most Comprehensive Nationwide Background Check Service available On-Line.

US Background Search is a national background search company located in New York.

Regardless of whether you want to do a simple search to verify an identity, or are requesting a full comprehensive report on a person, US Background Search is your choice to conduct your search.

We provide the most comprehensive nationwide background check service available. Our reports include everything you need to know, including current addresses, previous addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, sexual offences, assets searches, DMV records, relative information, SS# verification and much much more.

This is the same information law enforcement, private investigators, collection agencies, Fortune 500 companies and professionals use and obtain.

Find everything you need to know about someone right from your home or office for a fraction of the cost with turn around time in 1-3 hours and in many cases much sooner if requested.

If you are an individual, professional, collection agency, business or landlord in need of a criminal background check, SS number verified, DMV record check, skip tracing, verify an address, date of birth, find a next door neighbor or nearest relative, verify property ownership, US Background Search is for you.

We search multiple databases with billions of records to get your results.

We offer the most comprehensive searches available on-line.

US Background Search goes deep to find everything you need on your subject.

1-3 Hour Response if ordered between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Faster service if available is requested.

Driving records for all 50 states are available direct from the DMV, Tickets, Moving violations, suspensions, DWI, vehicle information.

Debt recovery organizations can recoup up to 50% more debt, locate more people and shorten the collection cycle using US Background Search.

Whether you are trying to locate criminals or suspects, uncover debt or hidden assets, understand businesses or potential business partners, or just detect fraudulent behavior, US Background Search can get you the information you need.

How well do you know your employees? Small business owners, corporations can scan your employees to verify their personal identity, examine driving history, drivers licenses and searching criminal record convictions.

Land Lords. How well do you know your tenants? Whether you own a one unit building or 1,000 US Background Search can verify your tenants identity with a criminal background check, credit check, address history verification, eviction history check.